PRIVATE VIENNA 1st: Intro Peter Heuritsch, Tour Guide Vienna



Hi to all globetrotters out there,


my name is Peter Heuritsch and I live in the beautiful city of Vienna, the capital of Austria. I am a certified local tour guide under the lable PRIVATE GUIDE.
„Private“ because this is what I believe city tours should be like to provide travelers the most rememberable experience: private, individual and personalized.


I felt that most city tours lack exactly those attributes. In todays modern world you can have everything individualized: your morning coffee, your cereals, your cellphone cover why not your city tour?

At that point I decided to offer individualized tours through and around Vienna for everybody who is interested in experiencing the city from a local view, to dig deeper down the surface of travel guides and to learn about its real character regardless where the tour starts and ends. This is what I want to pass on to all my clients combined with my own personal experiences and knowledge.


I think everybody has his or her own idea of how to discover a foreign city. Some love to visit all the main sightseeing spots that are promoted in the travel guides and are thus for them „must sees“. Others prefer to spot the hidden secrets of a town apart from the crowded streets of the tourist attractions, where the locals hang out. Mostly of course it is a combination of both aspects. Both approaches are welcome and help me create private tours based on the wishes and expectations people have of their trip to Vienna.


But enough about me. During my work as a city guide I discovered that people not only love traveling, they love learning about foreign countries, their traditions, their way of living and what makes them different to their own country. So I decided to start a blog for all traveling lovers and share my knowledge and secrets not only to my clients but to everybody who is interested in experiencing history, traditions, local tipps and much more.

A collection of travel related topics with secrets to discover for yourself. Of course I will focus on what I know best, my own city Vienna. And maybe - who knows - at some point in the future I will have the pleasure meeting some of you in person to show you some of my secrets myself.


Ok now really enough about me! As I am often strolling around the city showing my clients all corners of our town my time for blog writing is limited. But of course I want you guys to have constant content to bury yourself into. So I found myself support. Let me introduce to you THERESA, my very talented co-writer, representing together with little old me the small but very ambitious Private Guide Team. Theresa and I will supply you with Vienna insiders, worth knowing facts about Austria, special topics about travelling and much more.


So stay tuned if you are interested, we are happy to have you on board of our tour!


Bussi, baba¹

Theresa & Peter




¹ Austrian common phrase for saying goodbye under friends; “Bussi” being an Austrian version for “Xoxo” and “baba” meaning “bye bye”