PRIVATE VIENNA 2nd: Vienna, Austria

Servus¹ and welcome back! 

 You heard a lot about me now and my team (sorry for that, but I felt it necessary to introduce us first, so you know who is behind all of it and why). But now, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the real hero of this show: our small but breathtaking (I promise) country Austria, and of course its capital Vienna. 

 Austria is located in the center of Europe, bordering their „big brother“ Germany and the Czech Republic in the North, Slovakia and Hungary in the East, Slovenia and Italy in the South and Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the West.


At this point I have to make a short detour explaining more about a phrase I used above, which is to your own safety.

Don’t ever (and please take my serious on that) call Germany Austria’s big brother to an Austrian.


At least not if you intent to stay in friendly contact with him or her. I myself dare to say it, but not without setting quotation marks to defuse the meaning of the words. Additionally, if you would see me in person, you wouldn’t miss the tiny sarcasm in my voice. But that is already stuff for two more blog articles about Austria (Germany and Sarcasm) which will come soon if you keep following.


So let me come back to the present and sorry for the boring facts at the beginning but I never said that they weren’t important. Here a few more: Austria is a federal republic with about 8.7 million inhabitants. We speak German, which - if you pay attention - differs in many ways from the German spoken in Germany (again I will dedicate a separate article to this subject soon).  


Very important is that we are not Australia, which is at the other end of the world (!) and despite the fact that every American citizen knows „Sound of Music“ and relates it to Austria, most of the Austrians have never heard about it. 

Austria consists of nine federal states: Vorarlberg, Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia, Styria, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Burgenland and Vienna, Vienna being both federal state and capital. Austria is highly mountainous which is why alpine sports in Austria are more important than almost anywhere in the world. Vienna being the capital and the only town crossing the million population mark is the heart of the country and quite different than the rest. Now enough about the hard facts, if you are interested in more of them consult us (we are happy to give you much more of it) or Wikipedia. 


So stay tuned if you are interested, we are happy to have you on board of our tour! 


Bis bald²!

Theresa and Peter


¹ A common Austrian word for “Hello”


² A common Austrian phrase for “See you”