PRIVATE VIENNA 5th "Hello Easter Bunny, hello spring"


 Hi guys, 

sorry for the long pause, but there were semester holidays in Austria!

I know holidays might sound like sun, beach and cocktails, but I have to disappoint you there, it was really freezing. That means about minus 10° without counting in the wind.  So yes, I literally mean freezing!

And the one who is causing us this trouble, is called Hartmut, a cold spell covering whole Europe in snow. So thank you Hartmut, but you can leave now! 


Thankfully it seems that spring slowly manages to chase Hartmut away. So Mr (or Mrs) Easter Bunny can leave his (or her) winter burrow without hesitation. 

Some of you might ask him- or herself, what the hell is an Easter Bunny? Well, its actually a tradition to welcome the spring and the most important Christian holiday for celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. Easter Bunny comes every Easter Sunday (when nobody can see him or her of course) and hides little nests for the whole family. Austrians love Easter, especially the kids, because Easter Bunny not only hides eggs in the nests ;)

And it would of course be to long to wait one year for the „Christkind“[1] for presents again. I mean hello, one year!!! Ok there are birthdays and name days and school start and school end and and, but still… 

I won’t dig deeper into the tradition of Easter because you’ll find all that well sorted on Wikipedia or elsewhere if you are interested. Let’s rather see what Austria can offer you in this special period.

Traditionally, the Austrian family comes together on Easter Sunday to celebrate. There is a lot of food and the Easter Bunny (aka parents, sorry to ruin the illusion) has already hidden his nests all around the garden (if the weather allows it) with eggs, chocolate and little presents for the whole family inside. Everybody runs out to find his or hers.


Some of the families hide the nests together on the day before and fill them with grass and carrots for the Easter Bunny, who then switches gras and carrots to little presents. Others are painting Easter eggs before to hide them for their beloved ones. There are a lot of traditions, I won’t be able to list them all. Unless you have time until the end of the year :) 

If you know an Austrian family and you are here around Easter time, don’t miss the celebration! Its really lovely and there’s plenty of wonderful food. But be quick! Some Austrians follow the Christian tradition and fast for 40 days before Easter. So you can imagine how fast the food will be gone then :D


If you are on your own there are plenty of Easter specials all around the country. On Palmsonntag[1] for example you can participate at Austria’s biggest Easter egg search in „Schönbrunn“[2].

Or you visit one of the various Easter markets all around the country. One of the most beautiful is supposed to be the „Gertraudimarkt“ in Altenmarkt/Salzburg. Unfortunately, I haven’t been there myself yet. 


If you are searching for an event for kids and adults check out the family day on Easter Sunday in the museum „Kunst Haus Wien“. The museum of one of the most famous Austrian-born artists Friedensreich Hundertwasser hosts a permanent exhibition about him. Check out his work on the internet, if you are interested. After a guided tour there is a big Easter egg search in the garden where a little present awaits every child.


By the way, if you leave Vienna’s borders to go to the countryside, this is maybe your last chance to experience Austrias beautiful mountains covered in snow :)

And normally around Easter the weather also plays along! So next step, you rent a pair of ski and go down the slope. Seriously try it, its awesome! To experience the real Austrian lifestyle you have to stay on ski at least once! Skiing is Austria’s national sport. It’s one of the few sports we actually win at when it comes to international competition :)

I mean soccer is famous around the country as well, but its not like we have a bunch of Ronaldos running on the grass…No offense guys! But what we really can, is going down a mountain on two wooden sticks. And after some rides you can always pause and allow yourself a hot chocolate and a „Kaiserschmarrn“[1] to refill the batteries :)



So enjoy Easter in Austria together with the first ray of sunshine and take the last chance to dash down the slope with freshly waxed ski. Let us know if you need help organizing your trip :-) 



[1] Austria’s version of Santa Clause

[2] Sunday before the Easter feast

[3] Former palace of Austrian Emperor/ Empress


[4] Traditional Austrian food, which is always offered at ski huts; a dough made out of flour, eggs, milk and sugar; served with stewed plums —> delicious!!!!