25. März 2018
HELLO EASTER BUNNY, HELLO SPRING Hi guys, sorry for the long pause, but there were semester holidays in Austria! I know holidays might sound like sun, beach and cocktails, but I have to disappoint you there, it was really freezing. That means about minus 10° without counting in the wind. So yes, I literally mean freezing!
19. Dezember 2017
Today the Blog "PRIVATE VIENNA GOURMET" starts. Its a new category with information what´s on in Vienna´s culinary spheres. Today I visited the "TASTERY" for the first time - http://www.tastery.at/ "The Tastery is the first tasting restaurant in Vienna. The best part? The tasting is free! Discover a variety of new products and savor the range. Get to know new and innovative products and producers and rate whether you like it or not. Buy what you like best (or not) and relax with a cappuccino...
13. Dezember 2017
Hi guys! I hope you are enjoying the magic of Christmas filling our streets with glitter and gleam. Despite your religion or tradition you shouldn’t miss Vienna at Christmas time.
02. Dezember 2017
Servus¹ and welcome back! You heard a lot about me now and my team (sorry for that, but I felt it necessary to introduce us first, so you know who is behind all of it and why). But now, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the real hero of this show: our small but breathtaking (I promise) country Austria, and of course its capital Vienna.
22. November 2017
ARTICLE 1: INTRODUCTION Hi to all globetrotters out there, my name is Peter Heuritsch and I live in the beautiful city of Vienna, the capital of Austria. I am a certified local tour guide under the lable PRIVATE GUIDE. „Private“ because this is what I believe city tours should be like to provide travelers the most rememberable experience: private, individual and personalized.